Game Guide

Infinity Realms features a robust economy with many intricate game systems that can take a bit of getting used to. Peruse this guide to get the most out of your experience.

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Complete all the quests

A lot of the tutorials, items, and blueprints you need to get progress are delivered through quests. Make sure to talk to every NPC you find and complete the quests provided.

Getting unstuck

Being in open alpha, it can be quite easy to find get stuck as you explore Infinity Realms. When this happens, type "/stuck" or "/spawn" in chat to reposition yourself.


You can customize the controls through the settings menu.

ESC - Game menu / settings
Move Mouse - Control the camera and cursor
Middle Mouse Button - Switch between camera and cursor.
V - Camera View / Switch Shoulder
F - Interact / Loot
W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
Q - Strafe Left
E - Strafe Right
Spacebar - Jump
Up Arrow - Forward
Down Arrow - Backward
Left Arrow - Turn Left
Right Arrow - Turn Right
Left Shift - Sprint
I - Inventory Window
H - Character Window
M - Mailbox
G - Guild Window
L - Quest Window
U - Skills Window
P - Map
J - Builder Window
O - Gear Window
N - Auction Window
X - Achievement Window
Z - Rankings Window
F1 - ​Talent Window


Press <Enter> to type in chat, then enter commands.

/help - Gives you a list of helpful commands
/spawn - Takes you back to the spawn point in Infinity City
/stuck -
Puts you in the middle of whatever region you’re in
/breakdance1 -
Makes your character breakdance
/breakdance2 -
Makes your character breakdance even better
/wave -
Makes your character wave at another player
/taunt -
Makes your character taunt other players
/leave -
Leave a group



To attack a mob, simply move your cursor over it and click it. This will select the mob and your auto attack will begin firing.

Using abilities

You also have many special abilities, these allow you to attack, block, and heal mid-fight. To equip these skills, open the skills menu and slide the icons onto your hotbar.


All mobs have weak auto attacks, as well as extremely strong telegraphed abilities that cause a lot of damage. If you want to survive in Infinity Realms, It’s extremely important to dodge these telegraphed abilities by moving your character out of their way.


Find blueprints

To craft an item, you first need to activate its blueprint. You can discover blueprints by killing mobs and completing quests. When you find a new blueprint, simply open your inventory and click it, to activate it.

Find the right crafting table

Different blueprints can be used at different crafting tables. Once you have activated a blueprint, find which crafting table it can be used at.

See the required items

Each crafting recipe requires different ingredients, the crafting table will tell you what you need to acquire to match the blueprint. Finding all the required items for your blueprint can be a challenge. These items can be discovered through different quests, randomly dropped through mobs, harvested in the open world, or they may need to be crafted as well.


Find NPCs

There are characters all over every world of Infinity Realms, and they all offer opportunities for interesting quests and challenges.

Quests menu

Once you have accepted a quest you can click the quests icon in your hotbar and track it through your "quests" menu.

Complete all quests

There are quests in every region of the open world. So, make sure to search each region thoroughly, or you may not unlock all of the items and blueprints you need to progress.


There are two main forms of currency in Infinity Realms, they both have very different uses.


Standard in-game currency

Fiat is the standard currency of Infinity Reams. It's used to buy & trade items, and is obtained by selling items or earning it through mobs and quests.

Infinity dust & infinity shards

Play-to-own currency

Infinity Dust and Infinity Shards are our currency for our play-to-own system. The currency is obtained through fighting mobs and through certain events. As you earn Infinity Dust, you can craft it into Infinity Shards that you can then deposit into the Infinity Shrine in Infinity City.

The Infinity Shards then get added to the play-to-own leaderboard on MyMetaverse. Try to keep yourself on the leaderboard when the payout date comes to earn MyMetaverse's carbon currency, which you can then use to mint NFTs on the platform.

Sending items

You can use the mailbox to leave someone a message and send them items.

Press <M>, or click the mailbox icon to bring up your messages.

Messages will be received even when the receiver is offline. The message will be waiting for them to see once they log on.

Play to own

Infinity Realms uses MyMetaverse’s proprietary play-and-earn system to distribute its NFTs.

Step 1. Gather infinity shards/dust

Every time you kill a mob in Infinity Realms, there is a chance that it will drop infinity dust or infinity shards.

Step 2. Convert infinity dust into infinity shards

The Infinity Droid in Infinity City will give you a quest that rewards you with the infinity shard blueprint.

This blueprint allows you to convert 20 infinity dust into 1 infinity shard.

Once you have activated the blueprint, you can acquire 20 infinity dust and convert them into shards using a smelter.

Step 3. Deposit infinity shards into the infinity shrine

Anytime you have infinity shards, you can stand next to the consoles in Infinity City and press <F> to deposit your infinity shards into the shrine

Step 4. Rise op the play-and-earn leaderboard

As you deposit more Infinity Shards, you will rise up the play-and-earn leaderboards and that will define how much carbon you are paid each month.

Carbon payouts occur on the 1st of every month.

Step 5. Mint NFTs

Once you earn enough carbon, you can use it to mint any NFT on our mint shop.


Infinity Realms is unique multiverse-MMORPG where you can travel to vastly different realms, or worlds, of varying styles and genres (sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, horror, etc.) in order to harvest, fight, loot, quest, and build. Make your mark across an ever-expanding multiverse.

Our first realms include:

Infinity City

The central hub of Infinity Realms that hosts all of the world portals.

There will also be regular events and conferences in Infinity City, as well as parties hosted in the Cloud9 nightclub.


A classic high-fantasy realm and our first adventure realm. NPCs in Elvendale will teach you the basics of crafting and provide you quests that give you the skills and supplies to begin your journey.


A realm of two failed civilizations - an ancient cyberpunk kingdom, and the steampunk society that rose from its ashes... only to succumb to the same exact fate. Chimera is a planet the feeds on destruction. The harsh environment breeds tougher mobs, but more unique resources & loot.

Character Morphs

Infinity Beings

When you first join, your character will be an "Infinity Being".

Infinity Beings are the default, free-to-play characters of Infinity Realms.

New players can download our game, create a formless being, and play without paying a cent!

Morphed Beings

As you explore Infinity Realms you will discover items called "morphs". Morphs Can be based on 8 different races.

As you activate morphs your characters appearance will change to become more like the race you activate. You will be able to activate an infinite amount of morphs for each character and turn your character into a rich mix of races.

If you don't want to wait to find a morph in game, you can also purchase one of 7,000 morph NFTs. This is the fastest way to customize your character.

Real Estate

As a player, you get the opportunity to build upon the open world and control the economy across the game.

You do that by creating goods and services that you can provide to other players through your MetaHomes and MetaBusinesses.

These NFTs are destined to become the most valuable within the Infinity Realms economy, due to how much influence they give owners over the overarching gameplay experience.


Supply: 5,000

Build a happy home out in the open worlds of Infinity Realms. Place a basic crafting table, craft a storage chest, plant an edible garden, and build & decorate your house using any building materials and decorations you find across all of our worlds!

If you're looking to live a life of comfort & tranquility in the metaverse, owning your own house is an absolute must.


A MetaBusiness is a digital piece of real estate in the Infinity Realms MMO that you can build a business on. Once you own a MetaBusiness, you will be able to use it to provide goods and services to your fellow players. You will be able to request payments in game currency or through MyMetaverse's real-value currency – carbon!

Types of MetaBusinesses:

  • Stall: 100 Supply - Sell any form of NFT in Infinity City or in the open worlds
  • Shop: 200 Supply - Sell any form of NFT in the open worlds
  • Farm: 200 Supply - Create crops that other players can farm, for a price
  • Safehouse​: 200 Supply - Create vaults that other players can store their items in, for a price
  • Workshop: 200 Supply - Create advanced crafting tables that other players can use, for a price
  • Hotel: 100 Supply - Create fast travel locations that other players can use, for a price


You are able to build across the open worlds of Infinity Realms.

This allows you to change the shape of the landscape and provide valuable goods and services to other players.

Step 1. Mint a MetaHome or MetaBusiness NFT

Mint a MetaHome:

Mint a MetaBusiness:

Step 2. Open the NFT Claims Menu

To claim your position in the open realms, click the claim menu, then select the NFT you wish to use.

Once a MetaHome is claimed, you can click your NFT to teleport back to it from anywhere in the game.

Step 3. Open the World Builder

Click the World Builder icon in your menu to open the World Builder

Find the items you want to build, check the resources you will need, then go out into the world and find them.

Step 4. Place the Item

Once you have all of the needed resources, simply select the item you want to build and click on the spot you want to place it down.

Press <R> to rotate an item.

Game Data

Once you're accustomed to the game, you can start to optimize your activity based on our up-to-date game data available.

This game data is updated as its deployed, so it should always match the current gameplay.