2022 - 2023




The Catalyst Era

The Infinity Realms roadmap is broken up into distinct Eras. Each Era is marked by major development or content updates, and any unsold NFTs from an Era are burned when the Era concludes. The first Era of Infinity Realms is known as The Catalyst Era. This formative Era is a crucial time in the initial design and development of Infinity Realms. The main social hub of Infinity City and the first adventure realms are released. MyMetaverse's Carbon system is the first play-to-own mechanic integrated. Basic real estate, questing, crafting, and auction house systems are launched. The first in-game NFT summons are enabled. Our journey begins...

  • NFT Utility: Companions, Housing, Pets, Skins, Mounts
  • NFT Utility: Partnering with projects for interoperability
  • New World: Elvendale
  • New World: Chimera
  • Introduction of main story campaign
  • First combat class, playable experience up to level 20
  • Infinity City hub world and first adventure world Elvendale accessible
  • Proof of concept Quests
  • Resource gathering live with multiple resources, along with crafting and gear upgrades
  • Combat live with enemy attack indicators
  • First play-to-own mechanics integrated (MyMetaverse Carbon)
  • In-game NFT drops





The Ascension Era

The Ascension Era is marked by gameplay stability, a full set of core game mechanics with growing complexity and polish, and more. This is a time of further strengthening our community partnerships. This is a time of expansion. A time of ascending beyond our previous boundaries and limitations, and the rapid growth of the Infinity Realms multiverse. More realms are discovered - including the corrupted swamplands of Shattermarsh, the beautiful dystopia of Kayasama, and an unknown cyberpunk world filled with future-tech and danger.

During this exciting period new features such as character morphs, evolving collectibles, business utility, and passive workers go into full production. The Ascension Era takes our journey to the next level, and prepares us all for infinite possibilities...

  • NFT Utility: Evolving NFT pets
  • New World: Shattermarsh
  • New cross-realm and realm-specific quests
  • New combat classes
  • NFT Utility: Workers
  • NFT Utility: Morphs
  • New World: Kayasama
  • NFT Trading: In-game trading facility for store and stall NFTs
  • New World: TBD Cyberpunk
  • Procedurally generated dungeons