The Whitepaper

Infinity Realms is an evolving MMORPG where players manage and monetize an interdimensional economy while growing their character, playing with the assets they own, and earning more of them.

It serves the mainstream and Web3 markets simultaneously by providing lucrative opportunities for collectors while delivering a robust MMORPG experience for players.


Infinity Realms is an evolving MMORPG where you can fight mobs, gather resources and loot, explore countless worlds, and create real estate that improves other players' experiences.

Infinity Realms features an ever-growing multiverse of different worlds. Each world has its own stories, challenges, rewards, and building zones. As a player you will be able to move across worlds and level up as you go.


  • Web3: Play-to-own integrations and robust NFT utility
  • Scalable: 1,000+ concurrent players per server
  • Social: Open world, location-based voice chat
  • RPG: Harvesting, combat, crafting, leveling, and questing
  • Metaverse: Support for many interoperable assets. Immersive creation, shopping, and events
  • Multiverse: Multiple worlds designed around different themes

Infinity Realms is meticulously designed to serve the existing mainstream MMORPG market - while offering players innovative experiences that they can't find anywhere else in the world.


Infinity City

The central hub of Infinity Realms that hosts all of the world portals.

There will also be regular events and conferences in Infinity City, as well as parties hosted in the Cloud9 nightclub.


A classic fantasy RPG realm and the first of many adventuring realms.
Elvendale will introduce the primary cross-realm story campaign of Infinity Realms while also offering several realm-specific side stories.

NPCs in Elvendale will teach you the basics of crafting and provide you quests that give you all of the gear, blueprints, and resources you need to begin your journey.


The discovery of the multiverse

In theoretical physics, a multiverse is an infinite array of universes where anything is possible, and every possibility exists. These universes can be identical to our own universe in some ways, but they can also be vastly different.

The various universes within the multiverse are often referred to as “parallel” or “alternate” universes or “other dimensions”. Infinity Realms was invented in one of these other dimensions.

In the year 2210, human beings from an alternate reality discovered a way to transmit data packets across dimensions... they used this technology to send us a message.

This advanced civilization had seen the worst of times and barely survived. Their only salvation was their breakthrough in multiverse technology.

Once they could interface with other dimensions, they developed an immersive platform called "Infinity Realms" that aggregated data from parallel universes. They used it to create simulated environments that accurately depicted other dimensions. They used this "multiverse simulator" to research and test many key societal solutions and inevitably advanced their civilization at a rapid pace.

Today, they've granted us access to Infinity Realms and we too have the chance to use it to improve our world.

Target Market

The MMO market is our core target. The market as a whole earned $11.7 billion in revenue in 2021.

Infinity Realms will offer a robust MMORPG player economy enhanced by true asset ownership / NFTs.

Infinity Realms Advantages:

  • Multiverse: Countless worlds with unique and diverse themes
  • Vast Experiences: New mobs, quests, loot, and characters in each world
  • Sandbox: Build homes and businesses in live play areas
  • Customization: Morph your characters into a diverse range of races and utilize your favorite interoperable NFT skins
  • Metaverse: Social hub for shopping, and gatherings
  • Value: Real value economy that players can monetize

Go to Market Strategy

Once we have substantive data to calculate our customer acquisition cost and we have optimized our operations to increase our customer lifetime value, we will be able perform targeted pay-per-click campaigns and paid influencer campaigns.

For now, it's imperative that we build our core acquisition funnels through brand marketing and search engine optimization.

In the meantime, we will also growth hack by partnering with other Web3 projects, collaborating with influencers, and encouraging community generated content.

Profit Sharing

An important part of our growth strategy is to create effective ways to profit share with our players. This is done via the fair distribution of lucrative NFTs.

All of our high-functioning NFTs have significant utility within the game. They function as digital products that provide experiential value for players.

Players who receive NFTs are able to sell them for cryptocurrency and can treat their gaming experience as an online business. They are, therefore, responsible to manage their business expenses and taxes – similar to acquiring goods in the real world and selling them online.

Any profit derived from a player's online business is earned through their own efforts. They must work hard to earn NFTs, promote them, and sell them.

Our NFTs do not share the traits of a security or equity because players are not part of a common enterprise; each player must run their own online business separate to ours.

We do not offer passive income, low-effort profits, or any other features that resemble a security.

We are simply giving players access to great digital products that have utility and a value determined by the secondary market. These are assets our players own and can do with as they please.

Real Estate

Total Supply: There will only ever be 6,000 tokenized real estate parcels.

The most valuable real estate in Infinity Realms is powered by NFTs and can be placed in any of the open worlds that players explore.

This allows landholders to improve every player's experience by offering helpful goods and services in easily accessible locations.

The building experience is a fun and rewarding, it is an important part of the gameplay.


Supply: 5,000

Players can use MetaHomes to create a welcoming homestead for themselves and their friends.

These also function as guild halls where players can congregate and socialize through Infinity Realms's immersive voice chat.


Supply: 1,000

Players can use MetaBusinesses to set up various types of online businesses within Infinity Realms.

They are able to provide goods and services to fellow players and earn real-value rewards in exchange for their efforts.

Types of MetaBusinesses:

  • Stall: 100 Supply - Sell any form of NFT in Infinity City or in the open worlds
  • Shop: 200 Supply - Sell any form of NFT in the open worlds
  • Farm: 200 Supply - Create crops that other players can farm, for a price
  • Safehouse​: 200 Supply - Create vaults that other players can store their items in, for a price
  • Workshop: 200 Supply - Create advanced crafting tables that other players can use, for a price
  • Hotel: 100 Supply - Create fast travel locations that other players can use, for a price


Total Supply: 7,000 New morphs will be created from time to time, each collection of morphs will only have 500 supply.

When players first join the game, they are given a free-to-play character known as the "Infinity Being".

They are able to purchase "Morph NFTs" that customize the aesthetic of their characters. Players are able to morph multiple times, which allows them to create a mix of the 8 different species available.

In total, there will be 7,000 Morph NFTs available. We expect the secondary market for Morph NFTs to be very active due to their cosmetic utility functions.

Morphs can also be earned for free by just playing the game.


Total Supply: New Avatars will be created from time to time, with each collection having a limited supply.

Avatars unlock both a player skin and combat companion.

Players will be able to adorn a vast array of different skins. Skins replace all of the character's aesthetic features, including clothing.

Skins are different from morphs because they can be added and removed at will, whereas morphs will change the look of your underlying character permanently.

Players will also be able to use Avatars as in-game combat companions. Companions can be summoned to fight alongside players and protect them in battle, while also providing many other unique bonuses and utility. In many cases, players will want to summon the right companion that suits the challenge at hand or their preferred playstyle.


Total Supply: New pets will be created from time to time, each collection of pets will have limited supply.

Pets come in two varieties: Combat and Non-Combat

Combat pets will provide support in battle, while providing other unique buffs and perks.

Non-combat pets still provide unique buffs and perks, but lack the ability to fight.


Total Supply: New mounts will be created from time to time, each collection of mounts will have limited supply.

Mounts are vehicles that you can ride to make your character travel faster.


Total Supply: New workers will be created from time to time, each collection of workers will have limited supply

Workers are characters that you can summon to work passively in your property. They can help you with farming, mining, and crafting while you're not around.

Multiverse NFTs

Infinity Realms uses MyMetaverse's play-to-own system to offer Multiverse NFTs to its players.

These NFTs are especially powerful because they can used across many games within the MyMetaverse ecosystem.


Q4 2022

  • NFT Utility: Companions
  • NFT Utility: Housing
  • NFT Utility: Non-Combat Pets
  • NFT Utility: Skins
  • First combat class playable
  • Infinity City hub world and first adventure world Elvendale accessible
  • Playable experience up to Level 20
  • Proof of concept Quests
  • Resource gathering live with multiple resources
  • Combat live with enemy attack indicators
  • Crafting, enchanting, and gem socketing

Q1 2023

  • NFT Utility: Mounts
  • NFT Utility: Partnering with projects for interoperability
  • New World: Chimera
  • Introduction of main story campaign

Q2 2023

  • NFT Utility: Evolving NFT pets
  • New World: Shattermarsh
  • New cross-realm and realm-specific quests
  • New combat class

Q3 2023

  • NFT Utility: Workers
  • NFT Utility: Morphs
  • New World: Kayasama

Q4 2023

  • NFT Trading: In-game trading facility for store and stall NFTs
  • New World: TBD Cyberpunk